Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just another weekend

This Friday I went to my first football game as a spectator. I wouldn't have gone had it not been the rival school. We lost 10-0 and for the first time I didn't care that we lost. That very same Friday I finally managed to get all clothing (the hoodie and sweatshirt are actually pretty nice) and finally parted from the program for good. Thank goodness too.

So with so much new found free time, what is one to do? Well that's half of the reason I started blogging. I came to the conclusion I was going to reinvest myself into losing all of the weight I gained for football/getting injured. Now I know I'm not some small figure person (and personally don't want to be), but where I'm at right now only worked for football. After weighing myself this morning, I wound up weighing 308 lbs ;-;. This is about a 23 lb gain from what I was at before breaking my foot. My goal right now is to fall below 250 in at least 6 months. The plan is to diet (already have the plan layed out for me) and mostly do aerobic exercise. I'm still going to do anaerobic exercise, but certainly not to get stronger. I'm already strong enough as it is (I'll post the stats I keep track of at the bottom). The downside is that while I lose weight, I'm going to lose a lot of muscle mass as well. I guess you can't get but not give.

Fitness out of the way, whatever I don't spend on working out, I'm going to spend on grades. As a senior in High School I have to at least maintain good grades and start getting nice stuff on that college application. I may be like 1% of black people that actually go to college off of education not sports lol. I've already applied to Georgia Tech, but I still need to throw applications out at UGA, Georgia State (last school I plan on going to on the list), and even colleges like Berkeley (first school I plan on going to on the list) and Cornell. My grades are on par, (meh 3.6 gba unweighted) and I've stacked up about 9 AP classes over my 4 years. I need to take the SAT again, but on my first one I ended up scoring a 1980 (1310 Math+reading). Trying to get whatever leverage I can to get into college. Now I know the system isn't fair, but everyday I plan this out I'm so grateful that there aren't a lot of black people going to college. As self-destructive and hateful as that sounds, it helps me get into college. Less diversity there is, the better it is for me. While I'm 50% black and 50% white, I always check the African-American box when asked (those of you that are 1/8th native american know what I'm talking about). At least there is one advantage at being a minority.

I'll try to keep you guys updated on how I'm progressing with fitness. I've done an insane amount of research so if you are in a similar situation as me, just post and I'll see if I can answer your question.

Bench Press Max- 365lbs
Squat Max- 550lbs (has dropped to 500 due to broken foot)
Power Clean Max- 325 lbs (has dropped due to broken foot which doesn't let me train on this)
40 yard- 5.7 seconds (I'm big boned :P xD)

That's all I really measure =/. If you want to know something else I'll see if I know it and post it.


  1. Good luck.

    In a related note that reminds me of the time I lost 80lbs in 2 months... I don't recommend it.

  2. Did breaking your foot make your 40 slower to?

  3. wow thats horrible about your foot:/

  4. @Banon

    Somewhat. I was running yesterday and managed to get a 6 flat 40. I feel as though if I keep running I'll get back to 5.7 very very soon.

  5. Damn, that sucks that your foot has affected you so much :/