Sunday, October 24, 2010

Funny google map pictures!

I was searching the internet and saw some pretty hilarious pictures that I just had to share.

Go into street view and look into the sky.. Shit brix.

Just another weekend

This Friday I went to my first football game as a spectator. I wouldn't have gone had it not been the rival school. We lost 10-0 and for the first time I didn't care that we lost. That very same Friday I finally managed to get all clothing (the hoodie and sweatshirt are actually pretty nice) and finally parted from the program for good. Thank goodness too.

So with so much new found free time, what is one to do? Well that's half of the reason I started blogging. I came to the conclusion I was going to reinvest myself into losing all of the weight I gained for football/getting injured. Now I know I'm not some small figure person (and personally don't want to be), but where I'm at right now only worked for football. After weighing myself this morning, I wound up weighing 308 lbs ;-;. This is about a 23 lb gain from what I was at before breaking my foot. My goal right now is to fall below 250 in at least 6 months. The plan is to diet (already have the plan layed out for me) and mostly do aerobic exercise. I'm still going to do anaerobic exercise, but certainly not to get stronger. I'm already strong enough as it is (I'll post the stats I keep track of at the bottom). The downside is that while I lose weight, I'm going to lose a lot of muscle mass as well. I guess you can't get but not give.

Fitness out of the way, whatever I don't spend on working out, I'm going to spend on grades. As a senior in High School I have to at least maintain good grades and start getting nice stuff on that college application. I may be like 1% of black people that actually go to college off of education not sports lol. I've already applied to Georgia Tech, but I still need to throw applications out at UGA, Georgia State (last school I plan on going to on the list), and even colleges like Berkeley (first school I plan on going to on the list) and Cornell. My grades are on par, (meh 3.6 gba unweighted) and I've stacked up about 9 AP classes over my 4 years. I need to take the SAT again, but on my first one I ended up scoring a 1980 (1310 Math+reading). Trying to get whatever leverage I can to get into college. Now I know the system isn't fair, but everyday I plan this out I'm so grateful that there aren't a lot of black people going to college. As self-destructive and hateful as that sounds, it helps me get into college. Less diversity there is, the better it is for me. While I'm 50% black and 50% white, I always check the African-American box when asked (those of you that are 1/8th native american know what I'm talking about). At least there is one advantage at being a minority.

I'll try to keep you guys updated on how I'm progressing with fitness. I've done an insane amount of research so if you are in a similar situation as me, just post and I'll see if I can answer your question.

Bench Press Max- 365lbs
Squat Max- 550lbs (has dropped to 500 due to broken foot)
Power Clean Max- 325 lbs (has dropped due to broken foot which doesn't let me train on this)
40 yard- 5.7 seconds (I'm big boned :P xD)

That's all I really measure =/. If you want to know something else I'll see if I know it and post it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Football train has left without me

And I don't care. After all, I was the one who decided to stay behind.

My school's football team (Parkview Panthers) is having our 8th game this Friday, but before that happens I've decided to quit. If you backtrack to oh... about 10 weeks ago, on the third day of school I ended up breaking my foot (some shit called a jones' fracture). Well the doctor said that it would take 6-8 weeks to heal, but 8 weeks was most likely. I was optimistic, but in the end it really turned out to be 8 weeks. So I come back to practice on a Wednesday and had an okay time. Unfortunately when you fall out of the groove of things you tend to go astray. That's what happened to me. I can't bring myself to go to football practice anymore. I have no reason to stay. I would: Not play ever because I've been out for so long, put up with the bullshit of an average practice without any reason to be there, play scout team the whole entire time, and overall waste time on something that just isn't as important to me as it used to be. I'm handing my stuff in on Friday. Until then I plan on getting my hoodie and under armor sweatshirt that is rightfully mine because I payed my player fees (while those who haven't still get all the same benefit and freeload).

It's Parkview football tradition that every wednesday morning during the season we get treated to two chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A. This morning I had two people confront me on getting chicken biscuits even though I haven't done shit concerning practice. I ended up telling both of them that I payed my player fees and that I wasn't going to not get chicken biscuits so that everyone else and their mother could get some free. Both of them had nothing to say about that, and one of them was apparently just joking about the situation. The other not so much. The fact is there isn't anything you can say to that. If I end up paying for it, I get it. Simply put.

That's all for these last two uneventful days. Nothing else happened besides me stomping people out with Cody on SSF4 XBL. He's so good, but he really needs to get patched to become useful good. Hopefully Capcom doesn't make him gay. I'm having this current trend of updating every two days, so I'll see if I continue that trend. My life just doesn't have enough content to do this shit every two days. Who knows, maybe I do maybe I don't.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Now what to talk about?

So I decided to pick up blogging. It's like a drug, everyone's doing it. Why not try it right? So I'm thinking of doing just a casual blog that dives deep into random occurrences in my life. I wasn't sure when to start it, but there is no better time than the present.

So today I actually went to school and didn't laze out and stay at home. Recently I've been falling into a bad drift of staying home, even though I was sick last week. I was even staying sick even though normally I would be well enough to at least function in class. The parade is over, and my current goal is to not miss a day for the next 3 weeks.Gasp!

I had a test in AP Lit, nothing big. Pretty easy. It was over Hamlet, and I must say that Spark Notes functions so well in today's world that I can't imagine reading another book that doesn't actually interest me. Why bother when I'm making above average grades with mediocre preparations? I can't be bothered to go all out in something I'm the least bit interested in.

The bell rang at 2:10 and study hall for football starts 2:20, for everyone who goes ofcourse. Not me. I go straight to the parking lot, hop into my car, and went straight home. Why? I was injured for a solid 8 weeks off of a broken foot. Even if I went to practice today and every day from now on, there would be no way I would even see the lights shine on me Friday night. Now this is kind of strange that a 6'0", 285lb black guy who benches 365 won't ever step foot on the game field, but that's how my school works. It would be silly to function any other way right? To give my coaches some credit, I'm not prepared at the moment to play, but even if I was, I wouldn't play. It is very discouraging to see the person next to me make simultaneous  mistakes, but when big 'ol me makes one, I'm told to get out of the play. The amount of mistakes I can make (the ironic this is that its during practice) is capped far below the average person on my team. Hey, it's whatever the coaches want right?

Not a very amazing first blog post, but it's something. Probably going to spend the rest of the day on super street fighter 4 and studying for AP Calculus. Other than that: sleep.

Saturday, October 16, 2010